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The darker the green, the higher the total amount of resolvable domains.

Customers benefit from using BuiltWith because we cover over a quarter of a billion domains and many more websites.

About Our Data

Google Style Indexing

Our infrastructure performs around 6.1 billion GET requests per month to ensure we are providing the most robust level of data coverage available on the internet today.

We currently index 377,441,778 active domains and many more websites found on those domains.

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Depth & Quality

BuiltWith data has enough volume to provide a statistically relevant sample size for determining technology utilisation trends across the Internet.

We also use the latest traffic data sources to ensure we are covering the latest most visited sites. This ensures that this relevant data is up to date within 24 hours for top sites.

Where our Data comes from

We collect all of the website technology data internally. Over 11 years we have developed advanced (patent pending) algorithms. Everything we crawl is publically accessible and 100% legal.

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