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Understand the global web technology playing field with internet wide analysis.

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We track over a quarter of a billion domains and have 5+ years of history to provide you with truly global web usage history and market share data.

Analysis and Research Tools

Technology Trends

Track the proliferation of specific web technologies over 5+ years with our historical technology usage trends.

  • Track growth by segment, Top 10k, Top 100k, Top 1m, Entire Internet (250m+)
  • Track all types of technology, analytics packages, hosting providers, eCommerce platforms, Content Management Systems from our database of 6000+ technologies in 200+ categories
Technology Trends Charts

Track trends for technology usage back to 2009

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Research technologies by the size of their market

Technology Market Share

Every technology is allocated to a category, for every category we report market share on a global and regional basis.

We provide sub-categories for further breakdown of technology coverage analysis, for example Analytics > A/B Testing.

Reporting is further broken down by the top million sites from Alexa and Quantcast vs entire internet web crawls.

Global eCommerce Volume

BuiltWith is the only provider of global eCommerce volume trends based on actual sales volume evidence from 100,000+ participating websites.

Find out if ecommerce transactions are increasing/decreasing and get access to lists of over 2 million global online ecommerce stores.

Global eCommerce Volume Trends

See how global eCommerce volume increases and decreases over time.

Technology Movements

Research technologies by the size of their market

Market Movements

See where customers are migrating their technology infrastructure from and to across all categories of tracking.

Use this tool to find the major technology competitors for a technology as well as the complimentary technologies a technology is normally found with.

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